Surrounded by the remains of an ancient city and the temple of Aphrodite, this is Palaepaphos, Old Paphos,  once an ancient city kingdom of Cyprus. Here are the ruins of the famous Temple and Sanctuary of Aphrodite, the most ancient remains go back to the 12th century B.C. The temple was one of the most important places of cult and pilgrimage of the ancient world, till the 3rd-4th century A.D.
Ruins in this area show that this village has been continuously inhabited since the 15th century B.C

The Chateau of Cavocle is a Lusignan manor house situated next to the Sanctuary of Aphrodite. This 13th century A.D. building was originally used by the Lusignans as a manor house. It served as headquarters of the Crusaders’ surrounding sugar plantation as well as a large farm in the Ottoman times. Most of the house was destroyed in a Mameluke raid in 1426 and later it was reconstructed by the Turks. Today, the Museum of Kouklia is housed within this building. It also provides lodging to the staff of the archaeological expeditions that are still carried out in Kouklia. The banquet room with its rib-vaulted ceiling makes it a fantastic venue for the early summer chamber music concerts.

At the Museum, visitors can see  examples of ancient ceramics, Cyprosyllabic script inscribed on marble and limestone, swords, mosaics, statuettes and clay idols, clay lamps, Mycenean stone instruments as well as various other findings from the Palaepaphos area.
Excavations continue on the site of the sanctuary, the city and the necropolis

The church of Panayia Katholiki is a medieval building dating back to the 12th century which served the Latin community. Stones from the Sanctuary of Aphrodite were used for the building. Traces of the frescoes from the 14th century restoration that was carried out on the church can still be observed

The village centre  contains several restaurants, shops and tavernas and is quickly becoming a popular spot, due to its proximity to all amenities: 5 minutes from three international golf courses including the new Nick Faldo designed course. 5 minutes from sandy beaches, 10 minutes from Paphos International airport and very close to Paphos town.

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