Koili has a population of 450 with about 25 non-Cypriot families living there. It is situated 9kms from Paphos and 33kms from Polis.

With its hilltop vantage point, there are spectacular views of Paphos and the surrounding hills.
As it is a small village there is only one restaurant, one supermarket, no kiosks and two coffee shops. The nearest police station and hospital are both in Paphos.

The name 'Koili' stems from the ancient greek name "Koili", which was also a district in ancient Athens. The name is inextricably connected to the morphology of its soil and its hollowness (‘koilotita').

There is of course another explanation for the name of the village, according to which Koili was named after Kullini in Peloponnisos in Greece. That clarifies why the village is also named "Kuli". The latter version is based on the Greek colonies founded on the island.

If you fancy a spot of fishing, the Mavrokolympos river is ideal and you can also take a look at the disused watermills lying on the bed of the river. Or for the more energetic, Tsada golf course is only a short drive away.

All the local houses and churches in Koili are made with local stone. The old church of Agios Mamas in Koili was ruined by a massive earthquake in 1955 and is now covered by a trimithia tree. Before the earthquake, the whole village and the locals of the surrounding villages would visit Agios Mamas
to celebrate the end of Easter, and also celebrate the end of their fasting.

The church in the village square, Panagia Chryseleousis, replaced an older church which had stood in the same spot since the late 15th/early 16th century. It was completely rebuilt using stone from the local quarry, which is now disused .
Other churches in koili are the church of Saint Dometios and the small chapels of Saint Barbara, Saint Nicolas, Saint Charalambos and prophet Elias.
On its southern side, is the famous monastery of Saint Neophytos.
There are also the deserted monasteries of Saint George and Prodromos.

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