Episkopi Rock face

Episkopi, Paphos should not be confused with the Episkopi near Limassol which is home to the British Garrison.
Approximately 11kms North of Paphos, the village is dominated by a gigantic craggy cliff which towers above it. Looking up at the cliff you can see a church which appears to be teetering on the edge. This is the modern church of St, Hilarion (Agios Ilarianos) which replaces the old church which can still be found in the village. The old church dates back to the 1100's. The saint was born in 290AD and lived in cave in the village which can still be seen. His remains are buried in what was the garden of his cave home.

The village is very traditional with narrow winding roads and old houses in varying states of repair.

The village is important for its distinctive geological formations and the Esouza river valley. It is one of seven villages chosen for the Valleys project for the regeneration of the area.


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