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About Us


About us.

After many years of running our own businesses in the UK we moved to Cyprus in January 2005 to escape the cold wet weather of Britain.

Why did we choose Cyprus?

Having looked at other countries in the Mediterranean we came for a holiday in Cyprus and found that unlike many other countries houses do not have bars at the windows to keep out intruders, the people are more friendly and open than in places such as Spain and the climate is warmer in the winter. So after a few trips to get to know the island more we chose the area of Paphos in which to buy our home.

We have never regretted our move and fall more deeply in love with our new country and its warm friendly people with every month that passes.

The lifestyle here is very laid back and we have had to adjust to the Mediterranean pace of life which we did find frustrating at first, but now we have learnt to chill out more we find it much less stressful than life in the UK used to be.

We both feel much more healthy and alive since we have lived here, finding that the aches and pains caused by the damp cold climate of the UK have virtually disappeared.

We live in a picturesque village on the outskirts of Paphos with our pet tortoise who came with us from the UK and we have now been joined by a stray cat who came to us as a very frightened creature but has now become a happy loving pet. More recently we have adopted a dog from one of the rescue centres.

We have taken great pleasure from visits from family and friends, finding that perversely we have become much closer to some of our family as the time we spend with them now is quality time. We have a wonderful time showing them our favourite haunts and eating places.

We have always had a passion for property, having made many moves ourselves and having helped friends to find their dream homes over here we realised that we were always destined to work in this field and now look forward to helping as many people as possible to fulfil their dreams of living in Cyprus.

We hope you will enjoy exploring our website.

If you do not see anything that matches your requirements let us know what you are looking for and we will endeavour to find it for you. Our aim is to match our clients with the right property and if we do not have anything on our database that is suitable we will do our best to find it for you.

Best wishes in your search for your new home in the sun


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