Northern Cyprus Cases

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An interesting article regarding the North Cyprus land problems
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Foreign citizens are warned against the purchase of Greek Cypriot owned property, in the part of the Republic of Cyprus which has been under Turkish military occupation since 1974. As a result of the Turkish invasion and subsequent occupation of 36.4% of the territory of Cyprus, 170,000 Greek Cypriots, who constituted 2/3 of the inhabitants of the occupied area, were forced to flee from their homes. According to the 1964 Land Registry Office Records, Greek Cypriots...
Read More Shock in north over Orams case The recommendation of the EU Court’s Advocate General that the landmark Orams case should be decided in favour of Greek Cypriot refugee Meletis Apostolides is taking a huge toll on the occupied areas of Cyprus. According to Turkish Cypriot press reports, the development has caused consternation among foreign nationals who spent their money on Greek Cypriot properties ...
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